Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel Strip

Hardened and Tempered Carbon Steel Strip is produced using a heat treatment process that achieves strength through a controlled heating and cooling process.

Hardened and Tempered Steel Strip is used in many applications including saws, cutting tools as well as springs. This process will result in improved mechanical properties and give a tougher more durable product. The hardening process involves heating the steel strip to above the critical transformation temperature for the given grade and then rapidly cooling. Whilst the process achieves the highest mechanical strengths and hardnesses the steel in this condition is extremely brittle and requires “tempering back”.

This is done by reheating the steel strip to a lower temperature and held for the time set to achieve the required temper which is usually measured by VPN or RC. The hardening and tempering temperatures are varied to suit the steel grades and required final hardness.

We supply steel grades CS70, CS80, CS95, CS100 in coil or cut lengths.

  • Hardness to customer specifications usually range from 350 to 650 VPN.
  • Gauge range from 0.10 mm up to 2.00 mm
  • Width range:- 3 mm up to 500 mm
  • Surface finish: Blue/Black / Bright / Polished
  • Edge condition: sheared / dressed safe / full round.

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