With more than 30 years experience in spring steels, Reddifast recognised that new Health and safety regulations in the off road vehicle safety barrier market offered opportunities for a specialist spring steel supplier.

Our research showed that the market needed new alternatives to traditional systems and suppliers.

Our barriers meet all important criteria regarding safety and reliability:

  • Technically strong
  • Rigorously tested by MIRA to BS6399 and I.C.E recommendations
  • Approved for car parks and industrial premises
  • Significant cost and installation advantages

Why Reddifast Barriers?

A wide range of spring steel posts and buffers, including bespoke, offers more installation options for perimeter barrier systems, ramp barrier protection systems and all other off road vehicle protection.

Spring steel barrier posts offer significant savings in cost against all criteria – installation, maintenance, replacement and whole life.

Installation is quick and easy compared with rigid systems

Designed to flex on impact, absorbing the load, but not failing, Reddifast are experts in spring steel.

Deflection from impacting vehicles is up to a third less than with standard rigid posts

Reddifast barrier posts and mountings retain their integrity and continuing effectiveness after impacts, with significantly reduced force transferred into the car park deck.

Mounting plates require only one or at most two bolts, with less embedding depth – saving again on installation time and cost with up to 75% saving

Less embedding depth means a greater range of installation opportunities, rigid posts need a thicker concrete floor.

Fewer fixings mean fewer holes to drill = time savings, materials savings

Health and safety: fewer and shallower holes means less exposure to potentially damaging “white finger”™ from the unnecessary additional drilling required from rigid systems.

Simpler repair and installation regimes offered by Reddifast ‘Reddiflex’ spring steel posts and spring steel buffers means less downtime.

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Comprehensive stocks are being held of the following:
. Stainless 302 Soap Coated Spring Wire dia 0.5mm-4mm
. Spring Steel High Carbon Wire, Plain and Galvanised, in all grades, dia 0.15mm-25.00mm

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